The mind in the back seat


We live in an ideological world.

Everywhere we turn there will be discussions about specific themes and ideas.

The utility of the mind must be beyond its current one. Many people are suffering because their reality has been clouded by concepts pre-determined by groups of people. Social anxiety, for example, corresponds to a fear of failing in social situations, in other words, not achieving people’s expectations.

Many people are suffering with this condition and not leaving their houses because of the fear of being perceived negatively. Their insecurity stops them from moving on in their lives.

Who creates the criteria that define embarrassment, right and wrong, where does that come from?

Have you met anyone that holds all the answers to all problems?

This will never happen as problems are concepts and concepts are created by the imperfect men (and women), this means that individuals will always be either adjusting to these concepts or fighting against them.  

This dualism flows against the natural self, who has been living on this planet for longer than any ideologies created. This reality is so different from how nature and a child’s mind work.

Nature and children are spontaneous and have great creative intelligence. They don’t judge themselves negatively but instead, they flourish in unique ways.  So why is this reality so distinctive from ours even though we are all part of the same universe?

The ideological mind needs to take the back seat more often in our existence, whilst we allow ourselves to go back to the initial energy and creative intelligence we were born with, and experience it with no judgement.






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