Love your mind


“A house divided against itself cannot stand”. This very old saying has great wisdom in it and it can be used when thinking about the relationship between the mind and the real self.

How many times have you experienced conflicting emotions such as for instance when your self wishes to achieve something and feel freer but your mind is releasing thoughts of insecurity and fear? What do you normally do in these situations? Do you fight the thoughts, or criticise yourself even more for not being able to remain calm, or do you try to reassure your mind that there is no reason to feel so frightened? As you know, the mind accumulates a lot of information based on circumstances and views and therefore its judgement will always be biased. The mind needs to be reassured and to be made aware that despite being important, it is not in charge. The more aware of this relationship between the mind and the real self one is, and that they need to work in harmony,  the more one will be able to remain calm and in control.

Next time you experience conflicting emotions, especially those of fear and insecurity, instead of trying to avoid thinking about these emotions and feeling embarrassed or being angry at yourself, try to reassure your mind that everything will be OK. The real self needs to teach the mind with compassion and encourage it to move towards freedom and (self) love.

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