Elevation: Out of the mind


Imagine you can elevate your being, and fly to the outer space.

Far away from the planet Earth, you can have a more realistic take on what is happening in the world.

You can also see how things are balancing out.

Now, forget the world, and view your mind, still from outer space! You are not inside it, you are looking at it from many billions of miles away.

When we step out, we realise the connections between meanings planted on it, that go beyond our current generation.

Try to not analyse what is going on, just observe it, and realise that in the outer space you are connected with nature: with our real essence.

There is only love, unconditional love. No judgement, no reprimand, no discrimination.

From this place the awareness that we are way far beyond any meanings overrides. There is understanding that our real selves are not socially tied to anything/anyone, only with nature.



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