Slowing Down

We can affect how our brains work, and how the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems run. Our nervous system has two branches, one that accelerates the physical responses (i.e. sympathetic), and other decreases them (i.e. parasympathetic). See the picture below.

With deliberate and slowed action, we can alter the pace of the transmissions between our brain and the vital body organs. The first step is to notice how the mind tends to feel overwhelmed easily with an emotional response, sensation or a particular cognition. Yet, we can train the entire body to deal with that in a more reflective way.

We need to be aware of our “house” (i.e. body), and what is happening inside it. Only in this way we can become our own masters.

There is a significant difference between an over-reactive response and a fully conscious one.  We can achieve to experience the moment fully awake, while we teach our bodies to operate in a more paused way.

Most people fear some thoughts and emotions. This is a trap because it creates a cycle of unnecessary avoidance and distraction.

There is nothing to fear, especially when we remember and embrace unconditional self-love. The mind is like a “hardware” where information has crystalised and solidified. We can contribute to crystallisation through avoidance.

The inner journey is essential if we truly want to melt all the solid blocks in the mind. The ultimate outcome is having a full experience of unconditional self-love. Do not seek wisdom on other people, listen to yourself.

Be mindful in an authoritative way, take charge of your “house”, set the motion that makes you feel grounded and in control.



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