Exuberant stillness


There is exuberant stillness within and around us.

There is no “in” or “out” when we are tasting and experience being.

All is one. All is innocent. Like a child that has no idea of the expectations around her, and simply enjoys each moment.

We are in our essence pure children, playful, spontaneous and creative – free.  







  1. However, we may not forget that we are in clutches of our mind. When removing all those dark layers of the mind we are indeed essence of pure children, pure consciousness, soul. If we would be free from wishes, attachment of the worlds, hate, greed, lust and ego, we would see a different world: a paradies on earth… Much things are still to be done with each of us…, each of us responsible for himself and herself…

    Thanks my friend
    Have a great time

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