Self-realisation/ Self-discovery

The process of self realisation only takes place in the mind because we are living in a very confusing world, in which there is effort to create outer identities based on concepts and artificial beliefs.

However our real self is already intact and perfect.

They mind experiences that, but at the same time becomes drawn to other ideologies because they are all around us, and are maintained by other minds.

Our desire to breakthrough the mind is constant, beyond that, our self is constant and always magnectly realigns the brain waves.

This is why we experience unpleasant feelings when the mind tries to disconnect from unconditional love.

Every single Self is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, like “God”, Love is. We already know it all, we are it. It is a beautiful truth and amazing plan.

Let’s experience Self: wisdom and Love. It is completely appropriate to appreciate our personal achievements and discoveries.

They are a result of us asking incessantly, and embracing situations with open heart and a curious mind.

We are all to be congratulated, but at the same time, inwardly we know that we know it all.


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