The Ultimate Goal

I feel so appreciative of each and every realisation I’ve achieved during this beautiful journey, that it is life.

We know that our existence in our physical bodies is a passage. We hang about for a few years and then we move on. I’ve been so intrigued by this phenomenon of being human.

Solitude helped me tremendously, as in the quietude of the mind, I was able to gain more clarity and to strengthen it. I asserted what I really desire and the values I want to embrace. Today, I can say that I respect myself, and I look for genuine expression, not just in me, but also in others.

Life on earth, should be a pleasant experience with the awareness that is also a gift and an opportunity to express our beautiful essence and (simple) wisdom. For this reason we must all welcome complete freedom and unconditional love.

In the now, we can see clearly that meanings are not relevant, they are figments of our imaginations, and love is the only thing that there is.


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