Use your purifying system

If we were able to purify our emotions would we want to do it? 


Another question is why some people are not yet taking ownership and responsibility for cleaning the toxicities in their lives? 

It is possible to convert your negative thoughts about yourself and feelings, into pure happiness. The recipe is simple, but we are too distracted and overly engaged with other people’s minds. Forget others, and start investing time and your own wisdom to empower your mind and to bring your life to a place where fear stops occupying the space. 

To achieve this you might need to make changes in your lifestyle, but perhaps this is something you have desired to do for a long time. Is it worth it? You know the answer.

No one can achieve complete inner peace and happiness in one go. By you taking very small steps, automatically others will learn from your example. You do not need to convince anyone to do the same, as this is a process that takes time. Beyond time, it takes self-determination and self-realisation.  


We need to start looking at our own shoes, and not other people’s. It is simple and brings much joy and liberation. 





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