To be is to detach

Photo:Guy Tal 

Existence in an organic way, as I discuss in my blog, requires a high awareness of how the mind tends to absorb information around us. Unless we see this process clearly, we won’t be able to experience complete freedom.

Seeing the structures, meanings, rules, social expectations is the first step for individuation.

We are like a wildflower that has been re-planted on artificial soil. This soil despite being continuously suffering adjustments, it is also a trap.

Though we can have both organic and artificial views in our minds, we must realise which one is more aligned with our real nature and pursue it.

My understanding is that we are born organic – detached from any meanings. we are pure love in our essence. It is simple, and easy to see this. However, the mind does not tolerate the feeling that we are already important, beautiful and perfect and separated from pressure and worry in our core.

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