Flourish in Happiness

Coming closer to our core self is a journey of letting go. It a beautiful one. You let go of what does not resonate with you.

It is important therefore to notice how do you feel about everything.

Only in this way you can truly recognise what it is in line with your wisdom and real values. Hence, detaching mentally is important and not assuming that other people have the answers for your life.

There are elements that help us getting closer to our core self. Nature is definitely a very important one, because it reflects a state of being that is completely evolutionary, spontaneous and with a happy and joyful mind. Arts and crafts, music, writing also as you are flowing in your own energy.

We know that in order to have a healthy body we need to achieve a harmonious state of mind. These are intertwined.

A happy and healthy body comes with a happy mind. So in this feeling of genuine happiness is where all things flourish.

Research has shown that low levels of stress, including little cortisol and adrenaline in our bloodstream are a conductor for better concentration levels, creativity and general well-being. Genuine progress happens when we live in peace with ourselves, we are kind and gentle with our own lives.

Focus on achieving experiencing self-love at all times, and you will feel more connected to your core self and productive in a purposely way.

Art by Ginette Callaway

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