In this life I choose to…

I am a believer that we have lived many lives. I don’t mean to impose this idea on anybody but it is my feeling that my understanding comes from many experiences that transcend my current life in this body and persona that I am. I am not religious and don’t follow any ideologies, but can’t help it to experience this feeling.

So if this is one of many others, I choose to be free from fear, to speak up and to be genuine. I choose to wait for the right opportunity that feels that is really for me,  I choose to navigate in love only, no matter what.

I choose to believe in me. I choose to not comply with expectations but instead to communicate kindly with others about my own understanding.

I choose to dance, and to be myself and to love my body as it is. I choose to be grateful and I choose to love myself first. I choose to be patient and kind. I choose to step back and observe what goes on around me. I choose to contemplate nature. I choose to listen to positive news. I choose to learn from children. I choose to be creative and discover myself. I choose to empower other people, and help them realise their strengths.

I choose love, but not the conditioned one, unconditional love.

What do you choose?

By theemotionalbeing


  1. I am about half there in your stated choosings…lol..but I am adding more to that list of my choosings every day. I think most of all I am choosing to be more patient with myself… and choosing to move forward whether big or small in the things I want internally that I never allowed myself to ask for, for various reasons.

    Thanks for your words… enjoy your day

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  2. Ana

    Eu escolho me reinventar quantas vezes forem necessárias,eu escolho evoluir todos os dias e oferecer a minha melhor versão aos outros,eu escolho temperar a minha vida com amor todos os dias.

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