Your story MATTERS

In this life, we can only be accountable for what happens to us. I can only share my story because I am the one living it.

I could also choose to reach outside my true desire to produce something more pleasant for other people, but if I did so, I would be the same as many out there and perpetuating a vicious and artificial cycle. It takes courage to stand firm in our awareness and self-discovery and to embrace our values and let go of emotional attachments.

It is such a beautiful experience!

Standing firm has taught me to be way, way, way, more kind to myself. It is such a difficult thing to accomplish in our civilisation – to expand from within. It is the biggest challenge due to the waves of unnecessary compassion with those that have all of the means to become more reflective.

We don’t need to worry about people that are stubbornly comfortable in their “pessimistic zone” of mourning about life and taking no initiative to change, on the contrary, the lesson is to allow experiences to continue teaching everybody.

You and me, need to remain in our beautiful self-discovery momentum. Facing the obstacles with our eyes focused on unconditional self-love and fairness, and believe that we are meant to be where we are. There are billions of people out there that already feel love and fairness in a gigantic fashion, and are eager to connect with like-mind others. You are never alone.

At the moment you are where you should be, keep listening to yourself, your beautiful innate Self, and moving away from toxicity and emotional traps towards happiness- inner happiness.

Stay true to yourself and to your heart desires, as you do.


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