Autism & Social Communication

Autism is understood as a disability, indeed there are many levels of autism including the ones that impact the ability for a person to be fully physically and emotionally independent.

The high functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome are though aspects of human development that people tend to deem as being impairing, however in my view they are a sign of evolution.

The number one cause for mental health problems is social anxiety, in other words the difficulty to express views and feel accepted. Autistic individuals have a predisposition to be very genuine, sincere and delicate. They are highly sensitive and unable to lie. Since when this should be considered a negative thing?

Our society is insane, full of insecurities. On social media you see the impact of that. People are not satisfied with their bodies, communication and they are always seeking to modify who they are. Isn’t this an illness?

I work with children, families and school in East London. Something I observed was that any kind of perceived/labelled disability helped many teachers and headteachers become more aware of uniqueness and able to tailor their approaches in a more meaningful way.

The same thing is applicable for mental health disorders. They help parents, professionals, GPs, and everybody really, to become more patient, to listen better and to seek better quality in their interactions and communication.

Let’s start taking a step back to overview history and the world, and look into what is bringing more understanding and positive interaction between people. The more we stop to listen to a child and allow connection, the more we will learn from them and discover ourselves.

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