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I thought of sharing my current understanding of this thing we call consciousness.

My view on this matter is that we exist on many different levels. When we are born our mind is a blank canvas and we feel mainly positive energy, as long as we don’t feel in danger. This is the purest state of mind and therefore consciousness. But because our purpose is actually to exist in a physical state, our biology evolves alongside with life experiences. We start as children and then much transformation happens in our bodies that takes us to, eventually, an elderly phase of existence. So, what happens to our brains or one can say to the mind?

Science has proven that little children have more brain plasticity than older adults. This is because there is more interaction and stimulation in younger ages. This stimulation is reciprocal, in others words, it is normally the environment that facilitates it, e.g. parents, teachers, same-age, etc., but the individual is equally eager to explore possibilities.

As the years go on, there is a decrease in the eagerness and also external stimulation. Our collective mind is not valuing enough our existence in all stages of our lives.

So there is a clear distinction for me, as the mind is not necessarily our consciousness. This is because, unfortunately, in our culture we walk blindfolded and we don’t realise how much we want to please others, including parents, teachers, colleagues, bosses, cultural beliefs, religious beliefs, husbands and wives, peers, etc. The list is huge!

So minds are then molded, whilst our consciousness is intact and observes. The emotions, are such an amazing thing! They are intertwined with our consciousness. They signal when we are no longer happy in certain situations, don’t they?

Their signal is a reminder and invitation to be more aligned with our consciousness, not the mind.

OK, so what is consciousness? It is, again, the positive pure energy. Permanent, never changes, and is always expanding. Our core and organic self, that never judges us, and expects always that we understand and discover our real nature, which is only positive development and love.

Evolution means realising the capabilities we have available in us , as we step back from “predators,” in other words, people that are trying to spoil our innate perfection and uniqueness. Deconstructing beliefs and meanings we’ve assigned to situations and people, will help us reaching a great deal of comprehension and clarity about who we are and what is our life purpose.

Embrace your invaluable journey.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions! 🙂


  1. I wish more Middle Schools and High Schools were better funded for just such an experiment in giving children and young adults better tools in learning themselves and their capabilities and manifesting them earlier than many don’t or never at all. Many children never evolve sadly because of many socioeconomic shortcomings thrown at them…some pull themselves and thrive while others whither on the vine….their unfortunately way more “failings” in the evolutionary process than successes.

    Their could be a revolution in what you talk about in regards to people their true potential if given the proper tools in the beginning. I hope that focus in society changes to supporting that dream of yours. 🙂

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