The science of mental paralysis

The notion of I nowadays is blurred by many layers of perception. It is like the I hides behind information once given to us and that we are inadvertently holding on to, or we wish to hold on to.

The I is our core beingness, where there is no white noise, no distortions, no analysing, only unconditional love and a kind of feeling-knowing.

It is a beautiful challenge to realise this and the ultimate desire of being with your core self, or to experience you, must override.

I now understand that the most challenging thing ever is to detach emotionally from people, and this is the way for pure connection to your source. Detach does not mean abandonment or aggression. The need to detach comes from a personal realisation that in order to operate with clarity we must pursue the neutralisation of all frequencies that don’t belong to us, in other words, that don’t constitute our core being. Therefore it becomes a mechanism within our own systems of thinking. We can only grasp the idea of unconditional love if we experience in our own existence first.

This approach has to be intertwined with the understanding of our evolution. We are not totally fulfilling our enormous potential if we get caught on other people’s cobwebs.

The mind can’t help it most of the time to wave cobwebs due to the stimuli and interactions with others. It is like we are all programmed to behave in a co-dependent way, but we do not see what goes on behind the cameras. Behind the cameras, there is an invisible mechanism in action, which is molecular and electromagnetic. Your thoughts have a life of their own that is not only about perception, but it is also based on science. When you dwell on any aspects of your life there is a magnetising of frequencies, and the more time you spend on that dance, the more momentum or force (e.g. electric power) you create. Then it becomes -when spending time on fueling these thoughts- crystalised. There are different levels of crystallisation, but there is always a way to melt the stones!

People that have crystalised many ideas they then require the support from their life experiences to wake up to this. However, for those individuals that already understand this, they are born to be free and to shine their mesmerizing sunlight.

Hate builds many blocks, and love is the fundamental structure of our essence and supports the melting of any solidified patterns. Love is safety; it is also evolution.

Love is.

’It is what it’ by

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