We are cells on high heels

This is more a sarcastic post, in my view.

Have you ever considered that we are walking cells with a consciousness, sitting on and using energy that creates worlds and human beings, and collaborates with all species and universal matter? We are interconnected to all that exists.

Underneath the mind, it runs a river that has many beautiful formulas of physics, chemistry, neurology, etc. All scientific branches are part of our physical existence; they are the binding elements for a physical and vibrational world. Picture that first…

We are walking cells carrying lots of unnecessary and stupid things on our shoulders. We created an absurd artificial reality that values material things and has become attached to that. Magnificent cells and consciousness with everything we desire in our DNA have chosen to replicate these processes and create something mediocre, that people hope to achieve, and if they don’t, then they suffer…

I wish we could go back to experiencing our selves and feeling the beat of the moment. Less artificial thinking and more meaningful and joyous experiences.

The more attached we get to material and social elements, the more layers we create that eventually, we will need to remove.

Walking cells, please realise what is in you.

Caters News Agency

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