Be Wise

Life as it is can bring great deal of unexpected circumstances that might make you experience an array of emotions and lose your sense of direction. Has that happen to you before? Questions such as What to say next? What to do? Where to go? Who to trust? Am I coming across as being anxious?

These kind of questions populate everyone’s mind on a moment by moment basis. It is like people are in need to acquire a GPS or like the old days: a compass.

When you feel in doubt about what to answer, do the following:

Love yourself.

Yessss… love yourself. If you keep stuck to the anx of the moment, basically you are beating yourself up and not loving yourself. The harsh thoughts such as oh my god, how am I going to be perceived, only reveals that you forgot your amazing innately wisdom and love.

It is simple. Just pause and say, upsy daisy, thank goddeness that I realised that I am love and in need to love myself now, instead of bending to other’s views. Don’t abandon yourself!

By doing this you are going to decelerate the crazy rhythm of social discussions and discover what is more meaningful to you. Taking your time is the same as being wise.

15th Century Portuguese Compass

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