Malnourished World

Despite the much abundance the world has, there is a constant longing for more in the human being. The incessant seeking outside has prevailed for many centuries.

The human mind has been addicted to immediate gratification and this has brought us to being miles away from our core selves. Much identification with the artificially projected reality of “when I’m rich or successful I will be happy”, it is not possible. Nobody ever has achieved this as when they get their first million, they still need to deal with their minds. Wherever you go, your mind will follow.

Most people are still adamant that joy comes from pleasing others or having one’s views validated. The last one is ridiculous! Yet it is the most corrosive one. Politicians are only about that aren’t they? Have you stopped to reflect that whatever the view someone adopts, only when it correlates with love is when it resonates from within?

There is a need to educate the masses about what love really is. Very stubborn people that want their ideology listened to no matter what, even if it is the most pedantic or unrealistic one, feel a certain satisfaction when you don’t disagree nor criticise them. The reason why they developed that authoritative mind stance or aggression is because they experience an extremely miserable sense of self-worth. They go from idea to idea and battle to battle. It is absurd, and comical. Those are the ones that seek immediate gratification no matter what. They can’t listen to your words or appreciate your sensitivity. It is only about the ego.

Inadvertently we got used to these interactional patterns. Think about it, the more wrongdoing someone does the longer is the distance to home. To love.

I teach about unconditional love and unconditional self-love. This means that you are born free, responsible for your own actions but that you are also positive loving and pure energy. Innately perfect. Yes, you are. You are like a power station with all the joy you require and happiness. You should not depend on anyone.

I adore the philosopher Shree Rajneesh, also known as Osho, because he discovered the most beautiful treasure of all times: self-realisation. I totally recommend the reading of his amazing numerous books. I ‘ve also discovered this and today I am writing about it.

The patterns of dependency on others for pleasure, satisfaction and love have created an unhelpful voltage in the collective mind which brings about disturbance or turbulence in our ability to focus on the here and now. Only when we do this we will truly feel satisfied. The nourishment comes from within, never from the exterior.

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