Random Creativity


Beauty is what remains after much deconstruction: a beautiful and aware mind and a free playful soul.


Sunset Dreams by Dominic Liam



Picture this: Your mind outside of your body, represented by a theatre stage, and you can see the action/performance happening. You can also see whatever you want. I have been practising seeing a child that was dysregulated emotionally,  but now feels loved, protected and nurtured. Also, the child trusts the parent, I, when she tells him/her that all is a social construction and we are living beyond meanings now. The child is always happy when is reminded of this...


Picture this: You are on a boat and you see the waves underneath as you navigate along. Suddenly there is another boat passing, relatively close to yours, and creates new waves. The waves produced by these two boats intertwined.

Truth: The eternal element. Nothing that the mind can think will override what there Is.


The 🍊: This fruit is a symbol of Love. Nature represents tranquility , playfulness and freedom. Unconditional love is nature, and we are everything. Let’s not confine the mind to concepts, but instead let’s embrace our existence. Freedom is Freedom.



When you catch your mind worrying say out loud : This is only the mind, and then you will realise that your beautiful and wise self remains/exists beyond thinking.


Statement: Isn’t it interesting that we can be on each other’s mind? But prioritising the good functioning of our own is paramount. We are self-reliant and self-healing beings.

Statement: We are all privileged. Look around and see the beautiful nature that surrounds us. We live in one amazing planet 🌏 🌲🐢🦋🐳🐬🐘🐇🌿🌻🌘🌞

Poem: G.O.D 

A great presence that never judges

Always available, reflecting our own beauty.

Simply happy, simply timeless, simply knowing,

that one day, on this Earth, we will be reunited with our real essence.

We will remember the real meaning of purity and unconditional love.

Existence is.




Music: Combination of sounds or whole?




Tool: Paradoxical Intervention



Imagine: Laser


There is a laser that goes from north to south, east to west. Touches all main points (i.e. intersections) and removes clutter away from the mountain. This mountain has two sides.



Poem: Nothingness

In the plane of nothingness

I realise, what existence is.

There is nothing separating us and Love

is the only way to be, to be free.


Thought: Worry


Worry is like a gentle fire 🔥

It burns so we are reminded that we are not meant to be touching it.


Thought: Geography

Each person is in a specific place. I decide to remain within my geographical limits, whilst being able to see that within each individual there is a gps always pointing to complete unconditional self-love.

History is geography. When we tap into a memory it is unavoidable to experience the space (and all feelings glued to it).

To get glued or not glued, that’s the question.


Poem : Inquisitive Mind


Amidst the invisible lines


I walk, knowing where I step.


One step at a time.


Information integrated and inquisitive mind on.


I thank every precious understanding and remain, standing, as a tree.


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