Science & Mind


The human being is at the centre of every invention and discovery in the world. From within flows the desire, passion and natural abilities that create the momentum for meaningful scientific and technological achievements.

We have been able to respond to the most challenging environmental circumstances, and incessantly we continue asking questions so we can understand more and produce better services.

Through looking at nature, scientists and other professions, have taken on a more comprehensive and interconnected view and practice.  All elements in existence are connected. Without trees, no life would exist on the planet.  We are all equally and innately powerful.

It is necessary to contact with our essence and stop depending on the mind.


One of the most exciting aspects of science, in my opinion, is the study of the brain. Neurosciences evidenced that we have two hemispheres, the left and the right one. The left is where the faculties related to logical thinking, planning and worry are found. The right side is related more to with creative expression.

Research has confirmed that when the right side is more active, the individual experiences a higher level of satisfaction, as there is less judgemental thinking going on.  This emotional state is very much associated with being in the present moment.  

Trusting that you can express yourself, is the key to freedom, and to fluid and authentic creativity. Allow and encourage your mind to immerse in this certainty, and also help it by welcoming curiosity and wonder.